Published work in Chinese

下跪的艺术:惠特尼双年展艺术家 Kota Ezawa 采访 (True Colors: Whitney Biennial artist Kota Ezawa) 新茶

《The Affairs 周刊编集》主编李取中采访 (Editor-and-Chief of The Affairs Fines Lee) 新茶

权衡兼顾的艺术:谭成彦采访  (Balancing Act: artist and designer Tan Chengyan) 新茶

中国商业最具创意人物 100 —— 何瑞怡 (Fast Company' China’s Top 100 Most Creative People - Matilda Ho) 快公司(中国版)

最后一场 101 烟火 (The last Taipei 101 fireworks) 南方人物周刊

我在巴厘岛闭关 200 小时练瑜伽  (Expectation and Reality for my 200-hour Yoga Training in Bali) 财新雅趣

如何用艺术创作的方式给卖家差评?(Leave a bad customer review in the name of arts: Q&A with modern artist Li Liao) 财新雅趣

让我心心念念的冷泡咖啡鸡尾酒,在哪里可以喝到?(My journey in search of cold brew cocktails in Shanghai) 财新雅趣

腐国酒鬼的日常:周五晚喝三顿酒 (What does a Briton drink on Friday night?) 财新雅趣

你吃的是素食,还是情操?(Are you having Vegetarian food or the idea of it?) 财新雅趣

在哪儿能喝到蓝莓味的咖啡?(Where can you get coffee with a 'blueberry note'?) 财新雅趣

为什么只有英国出绅士?(Why do gentlemen only come from Britain?) 财新雅趣

老外,你干嘛用中国货?(Expats, why are you using stuff that's 'Made In China'?') 财新雅趣

在英国逛个超市也想这么多 (Overthinking at British supermarkets) 财新雅趣

15 分钟 DIY 一杯圣诞传统热饮 (Bring Christmas market back home - DIY your own mulled wine in 15 minutes) 财新雅趣

YSL:一个传奇的诞生于谢幕 (Yves Saint Laurent: Birth and Farewells Of A Legend) 财新雅趣